At our Downtown Binghamton facility, we manufacture manila file folders and copy paper by converting 3,000 lb. manila and paper roll stock into finished product. Our modern and technologically advanced equipment makes it possible for people who are blind or visually impaired to work efficiently at every point in production. The use of adaptive technology - including color contrast, voice, and larger screens plus other adaptations allows for a 100% blind business segment.


Our customer markets include federal and state government agencies, as well as commercial and local/regional customers. We offer various sized product and packaging configurations to meet your needs and budget. 

        • 5-Ream Copy Paper
        • 3-Ream Copy Paper
        • File Folders
        • JAWS Cleaner
        • Flap Discs

        • Leaf Bags
        • Pack 'n' Play Safe Sleep Kit

        • Non-Reycled Copy Paper
        • 30% Recycled Copy Paper
        • 100% Recycled Copy Paper
        • Manila File Folders
        • File Jackets

For a full list of our local products, please click here.

Our Commitment to Quality
AVRE takes great pride in our commitment to quality. Our employees work hard to ensure the accurate and on-time delivery of our products and services. In 2017 we began the journey to becoming ISO certified and in May of 2019 we reached our goal, earning ISO 9001:2015 certification and demonstrating the excellence of our quality management system (QMS). We actively maintain this certification by continuously reviewing and revising our quality standards. AVRE’s processes are efficient and designed to minimize waste and our goal is to improve customer experience by consistently providing quality products adhering to strict on-time delivery requirements.

At AVRE, we are committed to including our employees to help build this culture of quality. For over 15 years we have had rotating staff contribute to our efforts at promoting a Quality Work Environment (QWE) through the implementation of the Employment Practice Implementation Committee (EPIC). The EPIC committee takes a cross section of all our employees and brings them together to make changes within the agency through employee driven initiatives. In addition to EPIC, employees are also encouraged to lead and/or participate in our Safety and Health & Wellness committees.