AVRE's Norman Richterman Low Vision Center is located right in our facility at 174 Court Street in Binghamton. It provides a close, convenient location where consumers can come to have a comprehensive low vision eye examination and to try out and receive prescribed devices. 

Meet Dr. Michael Lange

Dr. Michael Lange, a licensed optometrist and certified low vision specialist, is available at the Center two days per month. Dr. Lange has many years of highly regarded service in low vision and has an optometry practice in Greene, New York. The low vision exam room is wheelchair accessible.

Working with Dr. Lange at the Center is Diane McMillan, AVRE's Manager of the Low Vision Center. Diane is dual-certified as a Certified Low Vision Therapist and a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (VRT). This combination, and the ability to access other certified staff and specialized services at AVRE, makes our Low Vision Center truly unique. Diane, or one of our other trained professional staff, will be on hand to dispense devices prescribed by Dr. Lange and to work with the patient to immediately start training in their use. In many cases, the patient can leave that day with the prescribed device in hand. Diane also offers Functional Vision Assessments for individuals who are experiencing vision loss, but are not legally blind. The Assessment helps to identify how best to use an individual's remaining vision.

The Low Vision Center is named in memory of Norman Richterman, the son of Harold (Ric) and Anita Richterman. Norman lived in Binghamton for a number of years. Ric was an international icon in the vision rehabilitation field who knew that a low vision center is one of the cornerstones of truly comprehensive vision rehabilitation services. Their bequest to AVRE for this center is a lasting legacy that will help us to provide this valuable service for many years.

For more information about our Low Vision Center, or to make an appointment for a low vision exam, please contact Diane McMillan or Pat Lumsden at (607)724-2428.