Low Vision Exams and Functional Vision Assessments

A low vision exam is different than a standard eye exam. This exam focuses on how a person’s particular vision impairment affects his or her day to day living. A low vision specialist will help determine which devices, lighting, or services will help you use your functional vision more effectively. Low vision exams are available at AVRE two days per month, by appointment, and are appropriate for individuals who have already been declared legally blind by an eye care professional.

A functional vision assessment is appropriate for someone experiencing vision loss, but who is not legally blind. Similar to the low vision exam, the assessment focuses on how to enhance your remaining functional vision and improve your day to day living. A Certified Low Vision Therapist is available at AVRE to perform assessments two Fridays per month, by appointment.

Vision Rehabilitation Services

Generally referred to as VRT, these services include a range of independent living and working skills. They include how to perform daily household tasks, how to manage personal finances and communication, and how to use technology to access information. VRT is available for school-age children through seniors and is based on personal needs and goals.

Orientation and Mobility

More commonly referred to as white cane travel, Orientation and Mobility (O&M) training is available to people who are legally blind. Specially trained professionals teach people how to orient to their environment at home, work, or school and then safely navigate within and between. Using clues from the environment, it involves teaching proper techniques for safe travel with a long, white cane.

Case Management

Case management focuses on comprehensive, individualized assessment and is integral to providing the best low vision services possible. Each consumer is guided through this needs assessment and goal-setting process before receiving any VRT or O&M services.

Low Vision Aids and Adaptive Devices

AVRE professional staff assist consumers in selecting and learning to use a variety of simple or more complex aids and devices that can be used to enhance functional vision at school, work, or in the home. Many items are available at our retail store ViewPoint and other items can be ordered on request.