The winter weather is here in the Southern Tier Region. Here are a few traveling tips and suggestions to help you during the winter months.
1. Dress Appropriately!
Now is the time to put on layers and bright colored clothing to make yourself visible to those drivers on the road. Make sure you have on appropriate footwear that is steady, especially on ice. Yaktrax® shoe covers are a good investment! Don’t forget sunglasses as well. The sun may not be out but the glare from the bright snow is still there. 
2. Travel Appropriately! 
Are you familiar with the area you’re traveling in? During snow and inclement weather there is low visibility to help visualize your destination. Is your bus route a snow route? Or will your driver have to drive an alternate route to get to your destination? Is your trip able to wait till later in the day when the temperature is likely to be warmer? Plan accordingly! 
3. Walk like a penguin! 
Your time/distance estimation while walking is likely to be different due to walking slower with icy conditions. Walking like a penguin helps improve balance. Keep your arms extended, feet slightly out, and knees loose! If you need to step over a snowbank, be sure to step over sideways. 
Remember, snow and icy weather is different than a warm sunny day. Be prepared!