Smartphones can assist people who are blind or visually impaired with everyday tasks. Downloadable smartphone applications, or apps, minimize the need for additional devices to access printed materials, travel, identify colors and objects, recognize faces of friends and family, and identify money. 
Some apps can be downloaded free of charge and others come with a purchase price. Many of the paid apps have a free version sample. This allows you to try it out before purchasing.
Knowing there are so many apps available, it can be overwhelming and time consuming to find the right one. Below is a list of apps I have used with my consumers that have helped them maintain their independence.
Be My Eyes
Tap Tap See
Color ID
Light Detector
Cam Find
Be Specular
Magnifying Glass with Light
Seeing AI
Blind Square
Digit Eyes
Access Note
Blind Abilities
Digital Glasses
Aipley Vision
KNFB Reader
Eye Note
Big Browser
Go to the App Store on your smartphone to access each one and read about their capabilities.