Providing Remote Services
By Shawnna Armstrong, AVRE Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist
April 7, 2020

Currently due to the restrictions related to COVID-19, our ability to provide face to face services with our consumers has been put on hold. As a Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (VRT), I have been doing my best to keep connected with each and every one of the consumers I am providing services to and looking for ways to keep them connected with one another. I personally have been reaching out to them via telephone both on a weekly or daily basis based on their preference.

Recently my supervisor made the Rehab team aware of UberConference. Now, I am able to facilitate my Low Vision Support Group meeting through this free resource. Last week I had six attendees calling in using the free conference call option. This option has allowed the current support group attendees and other consumers to connect with one another and discuss issues at hand. Uber Conference allows a 45-minute conference call for up to 10 attendees free of charge. After the meeting concludes, UberConference sends a call summary to the organizers e-mail. This is a great way to break up the isolation many of the consumers I am working with are experiencing at the present time.

The conference call is an outlet for our consumers involved with AVRE services to connect with one another and discuss concerns about their vision loss, discuss the current COVID pandemic and how they are dealing with everyday life in isolation. The vision rehab therapists and low vision support group have decided to hold these conference calls 2-3 times a week to remain connected with others they may otherwise not have an opportunity to connect with during this time.

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