Functional Vision Assessments

AVRE offers free-of-charge functional vision assessments to anyone who is experiencing vision loss but is not legally blind. These assessments allow people the opportunity to sit down with a Low Vision Therapist and determine how they may be able to enhance their remaining vision to improve their day to day living.

During the exam, the low vision therapist may determine there is a need for the Vision Impairment Connect program during the assessment.

Vision Impairment Connect Program

AVRE launched the Vision Impairment Connect program in 2018 to provide concentrated vision rehabilitation services to individuals who live within the nine counties we serve. The program is available to those who have received a functional vision assessment at AVRE or in their home with a certified low vision therapist.

The Vision Impairment Connect program is facilitated by a vision rehabilitation therapist who will come to the home to complete a brief assessment to determine the individual’s needs based on areas of concern related to vision loss. During the assessment the individual will be offered a variety of adaptive equipment “free of charge” to assist with daily living skills.

The trained professional will provide instruction on how to use the recommended equipment and may suggest additional adaptations within the individual’s home to increase their ability to complete tasks independently. Some aids and devices such as talking thermometers, large print calendars, or bump dots may be suggested.

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing changes in their vision and may be interested in receiving a functional vision assessment or learning more about our Vision Impairment Connect program, please call us at 607-724-2428.