Senior Vision 

Currently in the United States, approximately 25% of people over 65 are experiencing some level of vision loss that affects daily living and quality of life. As the Baby Boom generation ages, the actual number of people who have vision loss will increase significantly. Many seniors may be concerned about living safely and independently after losing a spouse. Others are worried about getting to appointments and managing their medications. For some, the emotional challenges that accompany vision loss can be debilitating. Receiving comprehensive low vision services can drastically improve the emotional and economic well-being of a senior who is experiencing vision loss.

AVRE professional staff provide the full array of low vision services to consumers 55 years of age and older, keeping in mind their unique circumstances and needs. Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) helps seniors learn how to live safely in their own homes. AVRE even has a full-scale, adaptive living apartment that is used to teach and practice daily living skills. Orientation and Mobility training gives seniors the white cane skills they need to travel safely in their home and in the community so they can better manage their appointments and personal interests. For tech savvy seniors, AVRE’s ACCESS-Tech lab provides an opportunity for seniors to find the technology that best suits their needs. Everything from devices to help read mail and view pictures to smart phones and tablets that allow access to information via the internet.

As well, there is an ever-increasing number of consumers over 55 who want to continue working. AVRE’s Employment Support Professional works with individuals to identify their skills and find the best job possible.

Case Management is an integral part of Senior Vision Services. AVRE staff work with each consumer to identify unique concerns, needs, and personal goals. AVRE works closely with other local agencies that cater to seniors. If a concern or need doesn’t fall under AVRE’s umbrella of services, staff will connect consumers to the appropriate local agency.

If you or a family member want to learn more about other resources that are available for seniors experiencing vision loss, or senior vision loss in general, visit the American Foundation for the Blind’s (AFB) Vision Aware website at