If you are blind or visually impaired and looking for gainful employment, AVRE can assist in preparing you and placing you in a job that matches your goals and skill set. AVRE’s Employment Support Professional is committed to performing a thorough, individualized assessment in order to connect you with the services best suited to meet your needs. AVRE staff know how important the right job is for your economic and personal independence and they understand the difficult work place challenges faced by people who are blind. Nearly 70% of people who are blind are not working. Contact AVRE today and get back to work!

Placement Services help individuals prepare for and search for employment opportunities. We offer assistance with resume writing, interviewing techniques, basic computer and communication skills, and how to network to find a job. AVRE’s Employment Support Professional works with local employers to educate them about the benefits of hiring a qualified applicant who is blind or visually impaired. Let AVRE help you get your foot in the right door. 

AVRE holds contracts with the Veterans Administration to provide switchboard services at two mid-Huson VA hospital campuses. Operators handle and process all incoming calls, as well as monitor hospital alarm systems and dispatching the appropriate hospital staff. Over 90% of the switchboard operators are blind or visually impaired and they are equipped with some of the most advanced adaptive technology available

AVRE works with young people to obtain summer work or jobs that are part of a school to work transition program. The goal is to acquire the broadest experience possible to prepare for an independent and successful working life.