Senior Leadership

Name Title Extension
Ken Fernald President/CEO 112
Jennifer King Vice President of Business Strategies
Marissa Robbins Chief Financial Officer 136
Cassie Burgess Director of Operations 132
Amanda Elam Director of Business Development 146
Mallory Evans Director of Development 125
Charles Gardner Director - Manufacturing 175
Meghan Mitrus Director of Human Resources 176

Administrative Staff

Name Title Extension
Christina Dorunda Executive Assistant 134
Dan Davis Receptionist 110

Health and Rehabilitation Services Staff

Name Title Extension
Laura Williams Vision Rehabilitation Services Manager 129
Nicole Anetsberger Vision Rehabilitation Therapist 123
Jackie Geary Vision Rehabilitation Services Coordinator 131
Ronda Girardi Vision Rehabilitation Therapist
Alycia Harris Career Counselor 117
Diane McMillan Certified Low Vision Therapist 120
Margaret Opalka Vision Rehabilitation Therapist, Orientation Mobility Specialist 137
Annie van der Wal Vision Rehabilitation Specialist 121


Name Title Extension
Sharon Marongelli Senior Accounting Associate 118
Katherine King Accounting Associate 155
Melissa Warren Accounting Associate 182

Business Division

Name Title Extension
Stephen Comency Customer Relations Specialist 181
Luigi DiRusso Production Manager 115
Dave Ellsworth Facilities Manager 116
John Ellzey Business Information Systems, Operations Support Manager 178
Ethan Leiser Marketing & Product Manager 122
Denise Scordino Inventory and Purchasing Manager 139
Chris Stone Logistics Supervisor 114